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Default lubricating (deadbolt) lock?

Smitty Two wrote:
In article ,
George wrote:

We've had trouble with a couple of deadbolts getting hard to operate.
I've fixed this by taking the lock apart, and squirting graphite into
the 'slider' mechanism. This works, but the fit is snug, the graphite
seems to have a little difficulty getting to where it needs to be. Plus,
I end up with black powder on everything.

Can I use something more liquid for this - 3-in-1 oil, or silcon spray,
or something?


The stuff that claims to be a lubricant, that many here claim isn't a
lubricant, has *always* done a damn fine job of lubricating many, many
locks for me over the years. I spray a copious quantity into the
keyhole, and operate the lock about fifty times to get it really worked

I know you're referring to **40 (don't want to stir up the natives)
I've use it too but lately I found industrial chain lube to do a
better job for lubricating lock mechanisms, especially commercial
door locks that get a lot of use.