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Default Size of concrete mixer and water to add?

scorpionleather wrote:
"HeyBub" wrote in message
I have no idea how long your mixture will take to cure, but it's sure
gonna solidify long before you can trowel a 900+ pounds of cement.

If I can figure out how many cubic feet these materials will produce,
maybe I can mix only half of it or less and end up with extra bags. They
wanted to sell me more than enough for the project in their "1
batch" quantity ("you'll end up with extra") but didn't tell me how
much extra. So if there is some way I can convert these bags of
cement + sand pebble + water to cubic feet any tips on this
calculation would be much appreciated.

We can do some back-of-the-envelope calculations. Cement (according to
Google references) is about 5,300 lbs/cu yd, or 200 lbs/cu ft. You've got
900 pounds of stuff, plus water, call it 1000 pounds.

That's five cubic feet of cement.

Still, I'd check the set-up time for the concoction (maybe it's on the bag).
I don't think I could slather five cubic feet of cement before it became

Maybe you could start with a small batch and see how it goes?