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Default inspection camera - for homeowner use

"Heathcliff" wrote in message
the recent thread on inspection cameras. I have different but
related question. I would like to be able to inspect my sewer line
out to the street - probably 50 feet or so total distance. I have
easy access to it via a cleanout plug. I don't really have any
problems with it right now in terms of clogs, but I am still curious
as to how good of a shape it's in. I am pretty sure it's cast iron
(the stack is) and 90+ years old. If there are incipient problems I'd
like to know so I can start saving up! I am thinking there ought to
be a reasonably cheap solution using a camera that hooks up to the
computer. After all a USB webcam that sits on top of your monitor
costs about $10. Can anyone recommend a product or a rigged-up
solution? I don't want to pay $$$ to a plumber or even an equipment
rental place. Yes, I am a cheap *******. -- H

Well, then just dig it up, you cheap *******. Other than that, SOME
companies do FREE inspections, or at least reasonable ones. You're dealing
with a big deal here. The first thing you need to do is get a good idea
what you're up against. And the way to do that is to put a good camera down
there and look at it up close and personal. What you see is what you get,
and you'll be sure about what work needs to be done. THEN, you can cut
corners on that with different ways to save money. Don't cheap out on the

Welcome to the CBC. (Cheap *******s Club) If you qualify, then you can
upgrade to the CBOFC. (Cheap *******s Old Farts Club)