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Default Chinese drywall worse than you can imagine

On Jul 7, 9:46*pm, Tony Hwang wrote:
HeyBub wrote:
"... foul odors seeping from walls. Hundreds of homeowners, most in Florida,
have reported corrosion to their air conditioners, mirrors, electrical
outlets and even jewelry."

We knew, or suspected most of that. But check this:

"Some Chinese experts, however, suspect that the culprit is a RADIOACTIVE
phosphorus substance - phosphogypsum - that is banned for construction use
in the U.S. but has been used by Chinese manufacturers for almost a decade."

Fortunately, much of this Chinese drywall was used during the housing boom
to accommodate zero-down-payment, sub-prime mortgage holders.

Who in the right mind would use building material from China. Chinese is
* famous for lack of quality and safety concern. Up here one outfit
tried to introduce ceramic roof tiles from China. No one was interested
regardless of price. I thought they are good at least making roof tiles.

I think that the problem was that US wallboard production was maxed
out due to a bad hurricane happening in the middle of a construction
boom. I ASSume that contractors would have used domestic wallboard
had it been available, but there was a severe shortage. Kind of like
how plywood triples in price during a hurricane, but worse...

I agree, I would wait until a quality product was available, but often
insurance cos. (or even owners) insist on speedy completion, so
whaddayagonnado? Some people don't like living in homes with exposed
studs, doesn't bother me much, but given my druthers I wouldn't do it.