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Default Jumper packs for cars (yeah, off topic, I know....)

HeyBub wrote:

Nothing from HF will last long. It's cheap junk intended to be sold
to suckers stupid enough to buy their ****. The only one that
benefits are those who work for HF.

First, some things are not MEANT to last a long time. Over the
weekend, I saw a chap with a dozen 1" sponge brushes in his basket at
Home Depot. Each cost 98. A pack of eight sponge brushes at HF is
priced at 88 !
Secondly, some things (not all thing, or possibly even most things)
are simply better at HF. I just bought a builder's square at HF that
is way superior to anything at the box stores. Why do I consider it
superior? Because the measurements embossed into the HF square are
brown enamel engraved into a yellow enameled frame. With standard
squares, due to dirt and the patina of time, the numbers are nearly
impossible to read !
Your absolute comment may need to be calibrated a tad.

I've got a bunch of "cheap junk" from horrible freight, and most of it works
just fine for my (home shop) needs.