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Default lubricating (deadbolt) lock?

DGDevin | 2009-07-07 | 11:21:49 AM wrote:

A locksmith told me some years ago not to use graphite although he
didn't elaborate on why.

The locksmith I use told me the same thing. He recommends a tiny drop
of 3-In-1 oil. He says the graphite is just messy, though it can
conceivably get packed into some critical little cranny and jam the

Are the locks hard to operate with the doors open as well as closed?
If the doors are shifting out of alignment over time the difficulty
might be due to the bolt dragging on the strike.

I've found that locks get cranky if I tighten the screws too much.
Backing off the screws a little can loosen up the whole works. Don't
loosen them so much the lock falls out. :-)

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