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Default Size of concrete mixer and water to add?

On Jul 7, 4:37*pm, "scorpionleather" wrote:
I'm a newbie to pouring larger quantities of concrete/mortar/cement. *I have
a batch I'll need to mix of 3 100 lb bags white portland cement and 5 100 lb
bags of tiny pebbles. *What is the smallest size mixer I can rent that will
do this batch all at once? *The local rental has 6 cu ft and 9 cu ft
tow-behind mixers. *How much water should I add initially? *I am afraid of
accidentally adding too much water or if I'm too cautious and add it too
slowly maybe it would take away a bit from my troweling working time. *How
long to leave it spinning round the mixer?

No sand?, save money and have it delivered mixed.