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Default inspection camera - for homeowner use

On Jul 7, 4:13*pm, Robert Neville wrote:
Heathcliff wrote:
Can anyone recommend a product or a rigged-up
solution? *I don't want to pay $$$ to a plumber or even an equipment
rental place. Yes, I am a cheap *******. *-- H

You really need to run the numbers as you are going to pay a whole lot more for
buying the equipment than it would cost you to have someone do it for you.. That
said, this is probably what you are looking for:

50' of extentions won't be cheap though.

Right, sort of. That is a complete unit with its own screen for
viewing what's down the pipe. But, I am thinking there should be
something simpler out there that you can plug into your existing
computer. The computer supplies the processing and image display, all
you need is a camera and a light to illuminate what you're looking at.
USB cameras and flashlight-strength LEDs are cheap - so one might
expect this could be done fairly cheaply. And for this application
you also would want something - slides or rollers or something - to
keep the lens up out of the muck. But I suppose there is some flaw in
my thinking since my hypothetical gizmo is not already out there.