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Default lubricating (deadbolt) lock?

On Jul 7, 7:30*am, George wrote:
We've had trouble with a couple of deadbolts getting hard to operate.
I've fixed this by taking the lock apart, and squirting graphite into
the 'slider' mechanism. *This works, but the fit is snug, the graphite
seems to have a little difficulty getting to where it needs to be. Plus,
I end up with black powder on everything.

Can I use something more liquid for this - 3-in-1 oil, or silcon spray,
or something?


I've never had much luck with graphite, I know it is the recommended
lube, but a squirt of spray oil seems to work a lot better.
The reason graphite is recommended is; it doesn't attract and hold
dirt. However, It doesn't stick or lube very well either, I'll take my
chances with a can of spray oil.