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Default Water heater noise

bob haller wrote:
On Jul 7, 1:24�am, LouB wrote:
bob haller wrote:
draing a old tank has lots of �downsides, do first thing in AM.
drain valve can clog and not drain
drain valve can leak after draining. most drain valves are cheap
plastic, designed for one use to drain tank at end of life.
buy a drain cover, it screws on in case you have a leak.
be prepared to relace valve or tank, a friends drain valve was stuck
the handle snapped off, he tried unscrewing the valve, it broke. he
ended up replacing the tank..

I just decided since it ain't broke I am not going to fix it:-))

a good decision......

you know tanks really arent worth trying to maintain.

assume a electric tank life is 12 years and costs 400 bucks, by the
time the tank reaches its normal end f life a new tank probably has
better insulation etc.

say you get a extra 4 years screwing around with it?

the per year cost of the tank really isnt much less, and attempting
service may cause you to junk it.

if your going to service it install a new ball valve when brand new.

on electric tanks element replacement is worth it provided the tank is
otherwise ok

Thank you