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Default Bad bushings or capacitor dinasour rheem

On Jul 1, 9:48*am, "HeyBub" wrote:
starmelt wrote:
yup its old needs replaced saving money for that cause it involves a
crane and paul bunyon, ac lines replaced and furnace too.
meanwhile a repair to limp along til I get a loan or?
original issue no cold air and fuses blowing
After cleaning coils and compressor, replacing seals and recharging,
the fuses don't seem to be blowing anymore and worked like a dream for
2 days then back to no blowing with no cold air, but no blown fuses.
Course its hard to tell if the motors seizing ( not sure this is
happening) before they blow.
Now no cold air. blower works. Ampage overage noted by one tech.
Three professional techs say its motor bushings
One professional senior says its capacitor
two phase unit
rheem ac model #RCAA-080A *SN#CN3D108-M1879-7816
Rheem furnace model#RACA024AAG *SN#1177-F2579-3364

could bad bushings contribute to capacitor fail ?

yea been trying to resolve this since mid may am into it $430 already
for 7 lbs of freon or would go with another ac company ( who also
quoted me just $3700 for ac and furnace replacement )

There's an underground HVAC economy out there. My son's neighbor is a
Guatemalan who does handy-man type work. He, in turn, had a buddy that
moonlighted doing HVAC stuff. That buddy had another friend who made a
market in used A/C equipment.

Bottom line: My 15-year-old, 3-ton Trane, which took a hit during hurricane
Yikes, popping the compressor, was swapped out for a two-year-old Rudd. My
cost: $650.00 (no tax). Actually less, since I'll get something for the
aluminum in the condensing unit when I get around to hauling it to the junk

Now how to intersect this underground economy may be a bit of a problem....- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

And so will getting them to give you any kind of a warranty . Theres a
good reason why companies charge what they do. Plus, who knows if it
was done correctly even though it is currently running and cooling
your home. You may have a breakdown soon ...especially if the
Underground HVAC buddys didnt own a Vaccuum Pump and put it on the