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Default A/C Motor Start Capacitors - Where To Buy?

jeff_wisnia wrote:
The Daring Dufas wrote:


On Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:55:19 -0700 (PDT), SMcK

The A/C is not working. Last time this happened the neighborhood A/C
repair guy showed me how to replace the motor start capacitor. He
happened to have one in his truck. I'd just as soon not bother him
again. If I can pull the suspect capacitor and get the specs off it,
where would a guy get a replacement without going the mail order


Take the capacitor apart and rebuild it. You will need tinfoil, an
insulation material and a chemical electrolyte. Then you need to
carefully roll the materials together tightly so they fit back in the
container, and will need to seal the base of the capacitor container
with a rubber material.

Or, just go to your local (large) hardware store and buy a new one.

Tin foil is very expensive, I always us aluminum foil.
It works just as well even though it's cheaper. I have
a friend who swears that beer is the best electrolyte.


I had a doctor friend tell me that beer is an excellent electrolyte
replacer for your body when you've been sweating a lot working outside
on a hot day. As long as you don't overdo itby drinking more than one
every few of hours.

Jeff (6 beers before 12 and 12 beers before 6)

When I worked out on a Pacific island in the 1980's
I had the first kidney stone that ever put me in the
hospital. I've never consumed an alcoholic beverage
in my life but the other guys I worked with consumed
it by the keg and none of them suffered any kidney
stones. They may have had them but never felt them.