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Default Accelerate decomposition of small tree stump

Stormin Mormon wrote:
Is that still available?

I used to be able to buy jars of powdered saltpeter in drugstores.

We used to hear that they mixed it with food in prisons to curtail the
inmates libidos, but that story may be rot.

As kids, we used to make "fuses" by soaking thick string in a
concentrated saltpeter and water solution and then letting it dry out.

If you pour powdered saltpeter into bored holes in the stump and let the
rain soak it into the stump wood, repeating that a few times over
several months, you'll turn the wood into a very easily combusted material.

If you then pour a bit of charcoal lighter on the stump and set it
afire, the stump wood will burn it's way right into the ground.

A garden hose and reasonable caution should always be on hand when you
start the burning.


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