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Default Prevent weeds between patio slabs

On May 24, 6:21*am, wrote:
I have these concrete slabs on my patio, each about 3 feet square,
arranged in a matrix. *There is a gap between the slabs 1-2 inches
wide, and weeds like to grow through the gaps like mad. *There is
gravel there now, but soil has started accumulating and it's not
keeping the weeds out (this is how it was when I moved in).

What I really want to do is dig the gravel out and put something
impervious in it's place. *Something like concrete would be nice, but
I don't think that's the best solution. *Any suggestions? *The gaps
are fairly consistent, but not perfect I'm sure. *A type of liquid
rubber, or anything else that can be poured in and allowed to set
would be ideal, but I have no idea what is available.

My guess is that the original design / construction of your patio
included redwood 2x2's or 2x4's as "slab separators".

A simple, easy way to frame the slabs. But once the wood
deteriorates / rots out you've got a problem to deal with.

My in-laws had a patio suffering the start of this problem (the legs
of patio chairs were starting to punch through the weak spots)

but they sold the house before I had to deal with the problem.

It depends on how much effort or $'s you;re willing to commit.

You could cut some redwood (heartwood only) to fit but the fit wouldnt
be perfect and dirt would still accumulate.

The gaps are too wide for a flexible self leveling sealant (I use a
SIKA product, Sikaflex Self-Leveling Sealant) .
But perhaps a combination of undersized wood and the flexible

Per another post ........ RoundUp & a spray bottle will do the