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Default Dangerous chuck mounting? 12" South Bend chuck

few occasions he was warned and didn't do it again. Would have seemed a
good idea to not provide reversing on a threaded spindle lathe for novices.

I locked out reverse on our 13" Enterprise Lathe for exactly that
reason. It's a cam lock spindle but the forward/off/reverse lever is not
marked for direction nor is it intuitive. I've had novices try to cut in
reverse, even tried for reverse myself in a moment of inattention after
switching from a different lathe.

When in Wichita I recall the lecturers mentioning an occasion when a
student had a chuck come loose and roll down between all the subsequent
lathes, causing the students to jump out of the way. All the lathes were
in line and the chuck rolled down the line until it hit the far wall
IIRC. Those lathes were Rockwells, not highly regarded by the
instructors IIRC, but not fitted with threaded spindle either.