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Default Neighbor Draining Roof onto My Property

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:48:35 -0700, "Bob F"

HeyBub wrote:
Perry Aynum wrote:
My next door neighbor has run his black corrugated pipe from his
downspouts down to the back corner of our adjoining lot, right up the
the fence, and it is draining directly onto my property, and
drenching the footings of my shed.

I can't believe this is anything but intentional. In fact, he did it
a few years ago, and even more blatantly, and halfway from front to
back, instead of the back corner.

Do I have a reason to complain to the guy? Am I torqued over
nothing? Someone please talk me out of calling him and "politely"
asking him to move it again.

Or should I go out there at night, and push a long pole through the
fence and push the drain back onto his yard, and see if it magically
reappears again back towards my yard?

You should probably try to either work with your neighbor or suck it
The downside of starting a war - either through spiteful actions or by
involving the authorities - is the possible retaliation. Your cats
end up dead. Your garage mysteriously catches fire. Your children get
"free" tattoos. Your outdoor grill generates a fire truck call.

If my neighbor sicced the authorities on me for some piddly drainage
issue, I'd hit the sonofabitch so hard his mother would die.

And how many times would you do it to him before he would be justified in

Don't you think after the first time he should know better?

Does he have two black-eyes?