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Default Neighbor Draining Roof onto My Property

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 14:11:24 -0400, "

Perry Aynum wrote:
My next door neighbor has run his black corrugated pipe from his downspouts
down to the back corner of our adjoining lot, right up the the fence, and it
is draining directly onto my property, and drenching the footings of my

I can't believe this is anything but intentional. In fact, he did it a few
years ago, and even more blatantly, and halfway from front to back, instead
of the back corner.

Do I have a reason to complain to the guy? Am I torqued over nothing?
Someone please talk me out of calling him and "politely" asking him to move
it again.

Or should I go out there at night, and push a long pole through the fence
and push the drain back onto his yard, and see if it magically reappears
again back towards my yard?

I would not move it. Degree of concern should be where the water drains
from, what alternatives there are, who was "there" first and general
slope of the properties. MUST he drain there to keep water away from
the foundation of his house? Got basements? Distance from house to
house? Drainage pipe to shed? Any potential real harm to your shed?
"Drenching the footings" sounds like a non-issue unless there is
standing water or really soggy soil around the shed.

It is illegal for a property owner to direct run-off onto another
person's property. In current developments here the location of
downspout discharges in relation to property lines is subject to
planning department approval (building permits0

The OP doesn't give enough info to show whether this is really altering
what existed before he put the pipe next to the fence. The solution
might be as simple as placing some rock to break and disperse the flow
of the water.

Our condo has downspouts that empty right next to the building. Over
the years, the ground was badly rutted, hedges had bare roots from soil
washed away, and it looked bad. After filling in eroded soil, very
simple changes kept it in place and made the place look nice. A couple
of suitable plants or some ground cover might accomplish the same thing.

If the neighbor extended the pipe so that water drains 20' from where it
should, then it is grounds for contacting code enforcement because it is
an obvious change - not enough info. It is certainly easy to start a
war with some people, and some will never let it end.