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Default Neighbor Draining Roof onto My Property

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 09:46:14 -0400, "Perry Aynum"

My next door neighbor has run his black corrugated pipe from his downspouts
down to the back corner of our adjoining lot, right up the the fence, and it
is draining directly onto my property, and drenching the footings of my

I can't believe this is anything but intentional. In fact, he did it a few
years ago, and even more blatantly, and halfway from front to back, instead
of the back corner.

Do I have a reason to complain to the guy? Am I torqued over nothing?
Someone please talk me out of calling him and "politely" asking him to move
it again.

Or should I go out there at night, and push a long pole through the fence
and push the drain back onto his yard, and see if it magically reappears
again back towards my yard?

Considering the tone of your message, I would totally avoid
any contact with the neighbor and certainly any illegal action on your

You need to contact the local authorities. In most areas
there are regulations about changing drainage patterns and how you
handle such drains. It sounds like your neighbor is in violation of
the typical regulation. Let the authorities handle it.