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Default Dead Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200 cable box

1PW wrote:

On 03/25/2009 05:29 PM, Mikey sent:
Had a power failure a couple weeks ago. The power eventually came back
on but my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200 cable box didn't, it's
completely dead. I bought an Explorer 940 to replace it, but I miss the
display that the 2200 has. I would have bought a new 2200 to replace
it, but all the stores in my area were selling the 940 (even my cable
If not too expensive, I'd like to repair my old 2200 (or have it
repaired). Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Could
it be something simple to fix (like replacing a fuse) or something more
complicated (like replacing a power supply)?

Hello Mikey:

You may have correctly diagnosed the trouble already. Check to see if
its fuse has been blown. Otherwise, perhaps the power supply has failed.

Are you skilled at working on failed electronics?

1PW @?6A62?FEH9E=6o2@=]4@ [r4o7t]

Not really. Years ago I was interested in electronics and built a few
electronic kits. Still have an AM transistor radio that I built from a Radio
Shack kit. But don't think I could do much beyond replacing the fuse. If it
even has a fuse... I'm presuming it does, but haven't opened the cable box
yet. The box has Torx security screws closing it (size T10) and I don't have
the right screwdriver or bit to open it. I'll probably buy a set of Torx
bits, they aren't too expensive and would be handy to have.