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Default Toshiba 42H81 Blows Fuse at Random

"Mark D. Zacharias" wrote in message

"Chris F." wrote in message
This 2001 model projection set has a tough problem to track down, so I'm
hoping someone can give me some advice. Fuse F850 (5A), in the power
supply, will blow at random intervals - sometimes when trying to power
up, or the set might run fine for hours, days, or even weeks. Just
thought I'd check for any known issues with this set, before attempting
what could be a long and frustrating job.

You could temporarily substitute an AC ammeter for the fuse and watch the
current. Alternatively, you could use a large fusible resistor, say 1 ohm
at 10 watts or .1 ohm if you prefer, and monitor the voltage across the
resistor. Should give you an idea what the current is doing.

Mark Z.

That's basically what I plan to do. I have a Fluke DMM that can record
min/max readings, I plan to insert it at various points in the circuit and
have it record any current spikes when and if they occur. Hopefully it
should help narrow the problem down.