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Default $73 an Hour

Ed Huntress wrote:

I'm beginning to wish I had taken my uncle up on his offer to give me his
40' boat. I could live on it, and it's a straight shot from here to the
Bahamian Outer Islands...

Ed Huntress

Aw heck, Ed, you can come with us - although the boat is only 38 feet.

I'll keep it in mind. I was good on the foredeck when I was in my
20s....'could go right up the mast in a bosun's chair, too. Now, I'd be
happy to consult and advise. d8-)

Ed Huntress

LOL! I do know what you mean!

But you have to bring your own girl(s).

I want to go to Antigua for race week some time pretty soon.
Before I get too old to consult and advise...