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On Sun, 14 Dec 2008 20:50:11 -0500, Brian Lawson
Actually, the tooling and part suppliers don't get paid until the tool
produces vehicles for sale. Test shots/parts and pre-production
test-vehicles don't count. In other words, vendor's tooling and
parts made to-date for say the 2010 vehicles won't get paid until at
least September 2009, when the 2010 models go on sale. One of the
little repercussions of this is that if a "model line" is now cut to
reduce the Big3's style offerings, say Chrysler cuts the Grand Caravan
mini-van, the supplier of (again..for instance) the front clip, may
very well have a real problem/no recourse to collect anything. Ever!!

Thanks for the insight/info.

The further I look into this, the "stinkier," the whose thing

To mangle the metaphor, we don't allow the construction of 10
story wooden building without sprinklers and adequate fire
escapes. Why them were these types of "fire trap" jurry-rigged
corporations allowed to evolve with no emergency exists, no
sprinklers, no fire walls, no nothing, with pennies behind every
fuse? It is clear now that the building is on fire that this was
a disaster waiting to happen for at least the last decade.

Most unfortunately, it appears that Detroit is unique in this
regard only in being first.

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