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"F. George McDuffee" wrote in message

some follow-up on my first response.

Hey, George, I was thinking about you last night at a Christmas party we
attended, held by a guy who's one of the few people who was working for
Cantor Fitzgerald on 9/11 and who didn't die. It was full of Wall Street
types and you can guess what we were talking about. They're all six-figure
guys but I don't any of them are the seven-figure variety.

I spent an hour talking to an old friend who's a bond analyst at
Citigroup -- one of the lucky ones who still has a job there. He used to be
a risk analyst at Moody's.

These are middle-aged guys who remember when it was an honest business, and
they're appalled at what's happening. You would probably still be there,
having fun. d8-)

Ed Huntress