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Default Screw in flourescent light bulbs.

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On Tue, 09 Dec 2008 19:14:26 -0000, Michael A. Terrell

What part of CFL lamps overheating and catching on fire goes
over your head?

It only happens extremely occasionally.

A hell of a lot more often than with incandescent lamps. A lot of
incandescent fixtures are not designed for safe operation of CFL


PHucker boasts of having rigged his house with cobbled together 12V
run from solar panels and scrounged end of life car batteries, he most
likely had some scares using LV halogens in unsuitable enclosures.

With any luck, it will burn to the ground form his shoddy work.

LEDs running on 12 volts are far less likely to burn than commercial

Really? For the same power, that is 10 times the current. That
increases the chances for a fire.

They use so little power though. Anyway the main source of heat in any
lighting is from the light source itself, not the wires supplying it. I've
never felt any LEDs getting warmer than body temperature.

I got an LED array that uses 45 watts. See if you can hold that.

Less than 1.5 inch square, but it on a copper pad, on top a peltier, on top an
sink with a fan.

Here are some not so bright. I think these are 10 watts or less.