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Default HP case on/off switch - sticky

Rich Webb wrote:

Anyone here have any good ideas to repair a HP computer case ON/OFF
switch? On start up, it seems to get stuck behind the lip of the front
panel, turning the computer OFF after a few seconds. It only started
doing this after two years of use. A thin letter opener freeing the
switch *quickly* does stop the shutdown. Thanks.

Remove the front panel, enlarge the hole slightly, replace panel.

May result in slight cosmetic defects and could affect the "at auction"
price estimate in the year 2212 version of Antiques Road Show. "A pity,
but somebody drilled out this front panel slightly. Would have been
worth 23,500 newbuks to a collector but I'm afraid, in this condition,
only perhaps 2,000."

Could also be possible to shim the switch outwards, or brace it so that
it doesn't depress below its opening. Your heirs will thank you. ;-)

Thanks. I was thinking of a fine file or Emory board on the edges of the
1" square opening. get the front panel off.