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Default A sticky problem

On Nov 2, 9:41*pm, Chris wrote:
Pat wrote:
I just ripped up some one old one-piece vinyl flooring. *Around the
edges, it was glued down.

There's residual glue when the flooring came up. *I'm going to put
down self-stick 12x12 squares. *I was just wondering if anyone knew if
the glue would cause any problems of if I should go get some glue
remover and take it down to the wood.



Leaving the *glue equals doing a poor job. You need something like this:

If the wood is or gets damaged you may want to fill the holes *and the
cracks and smooth the surface before tiling
PS: Why the xpost to architecture? There is nothing architectural in
vinil tiles...

They know a thing or two about construction and such.