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Default Low voltage lighting fixture

On Mon, 06 Oct 2008 03:50:24 GMT, aemeijers wrote:

Hi, I saw some outdoor low voltage lighting at a local restaurant and
I like to find out where I can buy the bulb socket so that I can do
the same for my backyard. It seems to be for outdoor use and is rain-

Here is a photo of the lighting fixtu

I think the wiring is just basic low voltage 12 or 14 gauge cables
that can be found at HD.The bulb appears to be normal sized bulbs, but
for low voltage.


What makes you think that is low voltage? Looks like standard
cable-supported weather-proof 110 socket to me. Used to be quite common
at carnivals and used car lots, and for temporary lights in construction
areas. I didn't think it was code-approved any more. Maybe if the string
is on a GFCI, they still allow it.

I've never seen low-voltage glass bulbs with screw bases before, at
least not that big.

Look up "festoon lighting" that is what is in the picture. They sell
12v A19 bulbs with edison bases for the RV crowd. Any real lamp outlet
will have them, like (no affiliation)
They also have them in colors and "S" style shapes.

Huh. Learn something every day on here. Seems kind of dangerous to me,
making a 12v bulb that will fit a 110 socket, but what do I know.

aem sends...