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Default Installing new vacuum breaker on a hose bib

On Oct 3, 2:44*pm, Erma1ina wrote:

David, if you live in an area where freezing occurs, you should install
that anti-siphon valve so that it can be removed from the hose bib
because it prevents the bib from being emptied of water even after the
hose is removed.

I use the kind of anti-siphon valve you're talking about and removed
that set-screw before installing it because tightening the set screw
prevents the valve from being unscrewed from the hose bib. I live in the
Midwest where freezing is a certainty.- Hide quoted text -

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hmmmm..... as i posted boringly a while back, i just replaced a
freezeproof faucet which sure looked like it had frozen itself apart
inside the wall between the fall and the spring; copper tube bulged
out and finally ripped open a couple of inches long. I was assuming
that it had been installed at a tilt so it didn't drain completely,
but now that you mention it, i did install a vacuum breaker on it (see
my last post about underground soaker hoses); maybe that was the
killer. I note that all the replacements available now have the vacuum
breaker builtin, but it doesn't look like it's in series with the
water path.