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Default Dryer repair q

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I bet the belt is on the wrong side of the tensioner, You have to put
the belt on with the tensioner greatly distorted to get it to go on
correctly. I have done the belt replacement on 3 similar dryers, and
I always have a problem getting the belt on correctly. I forget in
between each session, a sign of advancing age, I guess.

Bob Hofmann

It looks like I'm going to be guilty until proven innocent. Stay tuned
- I'll post a pic tomorrow. It's too late at night now to crawl around
in the dust and lint in the laundry room and twist my body up like a
pretzel just to take a picture.

I'm sure no one is paying attention to this thread anymore, but I'll
post for the benefit of future generations of dryer repair historians.
This whole issue started when I needed to replace the fan. In order to
get at it, I had to remove the assembly that holds the front of the drum
in place. That caused the drum to slip down and forward a little. It's
no big deal - it's easy to push it back into place and put everything
together. However, there is a groove around the circumference of the
drum, close to where the belt is supposed to be. The belt ended up
slipping into the groove. With the limited visibility through a small
opening in the back of the dryer, it appeared that the belt was where it
was supposed to be, but it just didn't have enough tension. After
studying the situation for hours and concluding that no part could have
worn down sufficiently to make that much difference and that everything
was mounted firmly enough that it could not have shifted, I finally had
to start considering other alternatives, and realized that moving the
belt out of the groove would fix the problem.

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