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Default Postable Digital TV's?

T. McQuinn wrote:
aemeijers wrote:

Sounds like you are in a fringe area. I do pretty good with a
converter box and rabbit ears, except for one station that is a tough
catch even for analog and a roof antenna. I do find the digital
signals are much fussier about how the antenna is pointed. I'm just
farting around at this point, while I decide how much to spend on a
new roof antenna to replace the one that came with the house that is
in sad shape. (It will only be backup for Dishnet, so I don't want to
spend too much.) I clamped rabbit ears on a swiveling camera tripod in
the corner of the back living room, so I can easily rotate it as needed.

(No, no woman lives here. Why do you ask?)

aem sends...

I am 8 to 9 miles from all the Cincinnati transmitters and there are all
within a 4 degree bearing as calculated by I only have
trees obstructing the line of sight path. With various indoor antennas
(amplified and non) I have yet to do well with an indoor setup, though
analog works well. But the low power explanation might be the reason.
If indoor antennas are working for you guys I will hopefully experience
the same.

This is just a minor curiosity for me. Unless History Channel, NATGEO,
etc., give me a way to use my TV's receiver to pick up their stuff for
free I will remain on cable. Well, unless the bloody power goes out again.

You don't have aluminum siding, metal shingles, or old plaster walls
with expanded metal lath, do you? Sounds like you are living in a
Faraday cage! Just for giggles, I'd try using the rabbit ears on a coax
extension hung out a window on the side of the house facing the
transmitters. That would tell you if there is something about your house
that makes a difference, or if height is the only issue, to get above a
hill or building that is in the way. Cincinnati is pretty hilly- are you
sure there is actual line of sight from your place to the antenna farm?
Even a low hill can cast a long shadow.

aem sends...