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Default Installing new vacuum breaker on a hose bib

David Nebenzahl wrote:
I probably will next time. But they're obviously made to snap off on
installation: why is that? ...

So the average Joe can't remove them (guys like me, maybe??? )'s
big brother Code run amok imo.

By the way, after testing it I could see why these are good things to
install: after turning on the hose bib and letting the hose reel fill
up, I closed the bib, whereupon a large gush of water sprayed out of the
anti-siphon valve. Had it not been there, all that water would have gone
back inside the house plumbing, along with whatever crap was in the hose
(or in a pool the hose was thrown into, in some cases).

How would that be if the the bib is close?

Only if there's some way to build higher pressure outside than in _and_
the valve is open is there any possibility of backflow. Those are
fairly rare circumstances in general--not impossible, but certainly not
all that common.