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Default furnace question

"jazz" wrote in message
i All,

I have a furnace that is now 14 years old and maintained regularly.

I am on Heating protection plan. How long does an average furnace
last -? Should I drop my Protection plan and just keep the annual
cleaning. I was thinking if I drop the Protection Plan and just keep
the annual cleaning I am saving about $125 bucks. I can put that
towards a new furnace when this one konks out. I have not read all the
exclusions but my feeling is they will not cover major parts and my
money might be better put towards a new furnace.

Any opinions -?


The time to have been saving the maintenance plan money was when it was
new-- 10-12 years or so. Now, keep the plan because components are more
likely to fail. If you get 15-20 years out of it, that's not bad.