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Default Help with my kitchen ceiling - drywall repair question

On Sep 26, 1:28*pm, bo wrote:
Hi all,
We live in a manufactured home. *The ceiling is made out of this odd,
funky paneled looking stuff. *We dry-walled over it and we were quite
happy with the results. *This was 7 years ago. *Then a little while
ago we had a leak in the roof and as a result had to relocate a couple
of recessed lighting canns. *Now we have 2 of holes that need to be
repaired in the ceiling. *The area surrounding where the cans were is
cracked as well.

I want to just to a clean cut out of a wide section, perhaps 18" x 30"
but I don’t want to cut through both layers of ceiling material, I
only want to cut through the drywall portion.

How can I cut through the drywall on the ceiling without cutting
through the ceiling material above it? * Can I use a circular saw?

The area is over our kitchen sink, a rectangle about 18” x *30”…

Any ideas?

Try not to use a electric saw... you may cut a line or something.
You could use a dry wall cutter saw, that should do the trick