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Default Maytag Dryer Belt Replacement, etc.

Tilt the machine backwards and prop it up with two wood blocks. Then
just slip the belts off the pulleys and replace them. Easy as pie. The
motor is spring tensioned so it will retension the belts

On Thu, 02 Oct 2008 12:47:05 -0400, George wrote:

I have a Maytag PYG1000AWW Rev. 11 dryer.
I have two questions:
1. The drive belt is broken. How do it get to the pulleys, etc. to
replace the belt? I have removed the front panel, but I am not sure
that's enough. The sides and rear are all one piece of sheet metal.
2. When I lift the top, there are tow guide pins; one is next to each
of the hold down spring clamps. These have a smooth end and a threaded
end. Neither one has a nut on the threaded end, so they're loose and
removable. Should there be a nut on each of these? Thank you.
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