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Default Free-Standing Stairs, Attached to Concrete Pad, Not House

wrldruler wrote:
Inspector has come over. Says because my drop is only 15", I do not
need a landing or railings. It will be the door, 7.75" drop to one
tread, 7.75" drop to a concrete pad. This is meant to be temporary,
until I can build a full deck next spring/summer. Inspector has

So I need advice on how to build a set of free standing stairs, that
are attached to a concrete pad, but do not get attached to the house.
I am thinking 2 4x4 posts, buried in concrete, ledger across those two
posts, attach stairs from there.

That's pretty heavy for "temporary".

You really don't have a "set of stairs"; just a single step/tread.

I'd just set a tuba-whatever(1) on a few bricks or similar to keep of
the ground and add a stretcher front and rear. A couple angle brackets
into the existing slab could be added if they're actually not heavy
enough on their own to stay in place.

(1) Field-dimension to get proper height including tread...