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Default Free-Standing Stairs, Attached to Concrete Pad, Not House

Converting garage into family room. Contractor cut a hole in the back
and installed a sliding glass door. Door sits on top of existing
foundation. I now need to build stairs to make the 15" drop from patio
door to grade.

Inspector has come over. Says because my drop is only 15", I do not
need a landing or railings. It will be the door, 7.75" drop to one
tread, 7.75" drop to a concrete pad. This is meant to be temporary,
until I can build a full deck next spring/summer. Inspector has

I was planning on installing a ledger board to the house, and building
stairs like I did with my existing deck. Just joice hangers off the
ledger. But inspector says he is worried my concrete pad will heave
and damage the building.

Inspector recommends building stairs that do NOT attach to the house.
Instead, they would be attached only to the concrete pad.

So I need advice on how to build a set of free standing stairs, that
are attached to a concrete pad, but do not get attached to the house.
I am thinking 2 4x4 posts, buried in concrete, ledger across those two
posts, attach stairs from there.

Any thoughts?