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Default Bailout (politics)


3. Bonier (the GOP leader) goes to Pelosi and says: "I can give you an
additional 12-20 votes if I have your word you'll tamp down any criticism of
the vote by your Democratic candidates." Pelosi probably agrees. Bonier goes
back to the members and says "I have the word of the Speaker."
4. Then the speech. The speech leads several GOP members to significantly
distrust the "word" of the Speaker not to politicize the vote and decide to
vote they way their constituents want.

I will believe that premise after I prove there is a Santa Claus. Folks
still want Hillary to apoligize for
voting for the war, as if she was the only one voting. The greatest
strength of most of the elected members
is their hypocracy and deceitfulness in ramming through their favorite

What is strikingly odd, lately, is the disappearance of the
Clintons.........Bill has been so neutral that I'm
stunned. I am betting five cents that one of them are in line to be
treasury sec, regardless of whom is
elected pres.