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Default Dryer repair q

Blattus Slafaly wrote:
Uncle Monster wrote:
Nick Danger wrote:
I have a 20-year-old gas dryer that stopped rotating its drum, so I
opened it up to have a look. I found that the belt had apparently
stretched, as it had no traction. I bought a new one and found that it
was the same length as the old one. I installed it and the problem was
still there. There is no way the drum could have been dislocated, and
the motor is firmly bolted down. I finally concluded that there was
only one way to get everything to fit and operate properly. I have to
increase the diameter of the idler pulley a little bit. I wrapped a
lot of duct tape around it and now it works- but with a lot of noise.
The only explanation I can think of is that the idler pulley has worn
down. But when I look at pictures of one online, it looks just like
the one I have - not thicker. I don't see a pile of white plastic
sawdust inside the dryer. But I can't think of any other explanation.
Does anyone else have experience with this? Do idler pulleys just wear
down to the point that they belt loses its tension? Is there some
other explanation?

Was there no spring to apply tension to
the idler pulley? There is also a bearing
holding up the backside of the tub that
could be worn out allowing the tub to drop
down and make the belt too loose. If you
posted the model number I may be able to
look up the mechanical drawing and take a
look at what you have.

[8~{} Uncle Monster

If the tub dropped down it would no longer fit in the front door collar.
It's more likely the tension spring. He may have put the belt on the
wrong side of the pulley. The springs are very tight and hard to stretch
while standing on your head.

If the tub dropped a little, the friction
could make the belt slip.

[8~{} Uncle Monster