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Default Removing wood panels in cabinet doors

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We're revamping our kitchen cabinet, and having doors with rails and
curved stiles we would like to cut out the center panels and replace
them with glass. I know it's just a matter of cutting the inside of
the door about 1/2" around the center, but I'm at a loss on the best
way of doing this.

I've tried several different Dremel circular cutting blades which
work, but they break after just seconds of use. Short of going
through boxes of blades per door I'd like to find other options or
maybe some suggestions on which blade will work since I'm betting the
Dremel will work given a proper cutting blade is used, which their
website isn't much help in locating. The cabinets are made from a
harder wood, though I don't know what kind.

I also thought about using a chisel, but I'd rather keep the cut as
uniform as possible so the inside of the doors look good without
needing trim or fixing with wood putty.

I appriciate any suggestions on how to get this project moving.
Thanks for your time,


My initial thought is to use a router so you can rabbet the doors at the
same time. The glass sits in the rabbet. A jig to guide it and keep it
straight would be helpful. Mark