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On Apr 22, 3:45 pm, My Name wrote:
I was thinking or running my pool filter motor at night to
get the off-peak rates. So, my question - Is my family going to swim in
emerald green water all summer as a result?

No filter I'm aware of removes or prevents algae, that's chemistry.

Filter use is somewhat dependent on how much the pool is used (and
what oils, etc. they might have on their bodies) and what else and
how much of what else ends up in the water.

Our pool is mostly used by the freakin dog, and consequently SWMBO
insists the filter run 24/7 during the season. It's worth to me
whatever it costs to hold that noise to a minimum.

There's oodles of "expert" advice available on the web, but I see no
problem with your idea for a pool that sees "normal" use.

- gpsman