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Default How to change color of porcelain bathtub

Ray K wrote in

Jim Yanik wrote:
Ray K wrote in

Anyone have experience or recommendations for changing the color?

From what to what?

products did you use? How long did the finish last before peeling,
bubbling, getting dull looking, etc.?

A pro in central N.J. wants $395 to do it and only offers a 1-year



My local newspaper had a column on tub refinishing,and the best ones
offer a 5 or even 10 yr warranty and use a urethane finish coat that
is non- yellowing(white).
Tub Prep is extremely important to finish life.

You ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT use an abrasive cleaner;409 is recommended.

I'd also check the "pro's" Better Business Bureau rating first.

The one company that returned my call uses a urethane acrylic finish.

Regarding your comment on abrasive cleaners, the DIY kits offered on

requires using sandpaper - a far cry from gentle 409 - before applying
the bond coating that goes on before the finish coat.

that is to rough up the porcelain for adhesion,or to remove and smooth
rust spots and chips.
use silicon carbide paper;"wet-or-dry",not papers used for wood sanding.
some kits supply an acid etchant,but that usually smells real bad.

I guess I'll rely on the manufacturer of which ever product I use.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the confusion,the 409 is for AFTER you have refinished the tub.
Even Soft Scrub and other "non-abrasive" cleaners will ruin your gloss.

Jim Yanik