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Default A really weird ceiling fan working / light not coming on problem

On Apr 23, 7:39�am, "dadiOH" wrote:
Aaron Eel wrote:
I see better now but not because I have mylightfixed. Five different
answers from five different people. Wow. Sorry the harder questions
stumped you guys.

Maybe because the answer is obvious? �Replace the pull chain switch.



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Thanks for the advice Dad. I actually bought one before I even entered
this post, but since the tester registered hot when we touched the tab
and the base of the fan fixture, I figured that it can't be a switch.
Is it possible that the existing bad switch is letting in only half
the current? I think the other guy was right. There's a little circuit
board thing up inside where all the wires from the light meet up with
all the wires from the fan. It's probably in that board. Another other
guy said I might have driven a nail into a wire in the wall but no
nails have been hammered lately. I'll bet the fan is shot in the board
area. I hate to open that new five dollar switch and have the same

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