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Default Flat roofs, glue or mechanically fasten?

On Apr 23, 7:25 pm, wrote:
Well, I'm fairly certain the current roof is rubber (black, stretchy,
kinda smells on a hot day, and marks up my bare hands). And what I'm
considering is WeatherBond (EPDM), which is also rubber. I'm not sure
I have much heating loss throug the roof, as the roof joists contain
fiberglass batts.

I am considering the white EPDM, though, since that black just soaks
up the heat in summer.

On Apr 23, 7:35 pm, ransley wrote:

Look into a rubber roof it is melted in place, or if your flat roof is
in a high heating area like Zone 6 or less , consider FOAM roofing of
up to 7 inches, I am considering it. Many flat roof construction has
no insulation in my area, heat loss is maybe 40% up and out an
uninsulated roof for me thats $6000+ a year. Think about cutting your
bill 20-30%- Hide quoted text -

A "rubber" roof that is melted in place is likely a bitumen "torch-
down" roof, which typically only has a life of 20 years or so. EPDM
isn't generally glued directly to plywood. There is a "chipboard"
that is used as underlayment for it, as plywood could have splinters
big enough to cause issues with rubber.

The "iso" board is likely very high in R-value, usually R5 to R7.5 per