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Default How much damage can a House sill plate take?

Thanks John, for your help... a few questions below:

On Apr 23, 10:01*am, "John Gilmer" wrote:
If "significant" wood has been eaten away your sill plate isn't really
spreading the load but only acting as a cushion between the joist and the

Would you happen to have a magic number on the percentage of wood
damaged? 10%, 20%?

Frankly, the odds are good that the termites have gotten into the joists
either through the sill plates or via the "end plates."

What do you classify as an "end plate"?

Do the "philips screwdriver" test and do some hard probing of the sill and
the joists. * *You may well find that what looks like sound wood is actually

I did the screwdriver test... existing wood is good... as you said,
I'll need to figure out the load, and if "patching" can help with the

Thanks again,