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Default Wiring Electrical Outlets With 3-way switch

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On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 16:07:59 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

I am putting lights in my basement and would like a wiring diagram
that shows how to connect six electrical outlets that stretch from
one end of the basement to the other, with a three-way switch on
either end of the circuit. The power comes in to the circuit in the
middle of the run. It seems like a simple thing but I keep tripping
the breaker.

Bring the power in to one of the switches or the other. Take 12/3/G
to the other switch then take 12/2/G to each light.

You would need a 12/5/G to do it like you are trying to do.

Do they make 12/5?

You can run 2 conductor w/ ground from the box where the power is to
one wall switch. Run 3 conductor w/ground from that switch to the
second, and 2 conductor w/ground from the box where the power is to
each other lighting outlet. In the originating box, connect the feed
neutral to the neutral conductor going to the next box and the neutral
of the fixture at that box. conect the feed hot wire to the white wire
of the 2 conductor going to the first switch and mark it some other
color than white. Connect the black wire going to the first switch to
the black wire going to the next box and the black wire of the fixture
at that box. Next, in the first switch box, connect the white from the
2 conductor to the black of the 3 conductor. Connect the black of the
2 conductor to the common terminal of the three way switch, and
connect the white and red wires of the 3 conductor to the travellers
of the three way switch. Next, in the second switch box, connect the
black to common terminal and the red and white to the travellers.
Last, connect all grounds together and to any metal boxes

You're overcomplicating things RBM. Check out this Red Green creativity.

Connect all lights in series with 2 conductor pull chain switches. Run
string from one location to the other. Tie/tie wrap/duct tape all pull
chains to string. Pull string from either end to operate.