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Nancy Young wrote:
"My Name" wrote

Got a pool question - of sorts. Given the high cost of electricity here
the northeast, I was thinking or running my pool filter motor at night to
get the off-peak rates. So, my question - Is my family going to swim in
emerald green water all summer as a result? Has anyone thought of doing

Sure, I've been doing that for years, running the pool filter at
night when the rates are lower. No green water.


If green water is an issue it is algae that you need to control. I've
had pools for years and have watched in amazement as my neighbors became
slaves to their pools. Chlorination, at modest levels is one way of
controlling bacteria, etc., but, it is not the most effective way of
dealing with algae. Chlorination is not nice if your users relieve
their bladders in the pool as it then yields chloramines which irritate

Algae requires phosphorous to grow. Phosphorous gets in to your pool in
a myriad of ways, including dust and dirt that is blown in with the
wind. A small amount of lanthanum carbonate, mixed to form a slurry and
the poured into the pool or skimmer is a good way to eliminate algae.
The lanthanum binds the phosphorus so that it is no longer available for
the algae to use it. I don't believe Lanthanum is toxic, nor is it
very expensive.

Leslie's used to sell lanthanum carbonate. The last time I was there
you had to buy a lot of other "stuff" with it that ran the price up for
no good purpose.