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Default $4 dollar gas and its effects on metalworking

On Apr 18, 1:16 pm, Too_Many_Tools wrote:
On Apr 17, 7:09 am, wrote:

Interestingly enough, the younger people are increasingly blaming our
generation for the mess the world is in. They don't get bogged down in
dinosaur politics - its irrelevant to them - they just damn us all! -
as long as we can find a convenient left/right scapegoat to absolve us
from actually taking any real responsibility at a personal level, they
may well be right.

Andrew VK3bFA.

The young generally didnt give a **** about anything other than sound
bytes with zip data backing those sound bytes up.

Meism and Nowism along with Cliche politics is more their forte.


Well, yes - agree. They have largely given up, they have seen their
elders engage in endless vituperative debate, and nothing happens
except things get worse..why should they give a rats arse about the
dinosaurs, thrashing around, making lots of noise, but basically doing
nothing except blaming "someone else", can opening themselves,
listening to sound bites, me too isms - desperately hoping, without
any real conviction, that someone will offer hope and inspiration, not
just more lies and broken promises.........

$4 gas is the least of our problems.....

Andrew VK3BFA.- Hide quoted text -

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I disagree...the vast majority of young people I know are working
their butts off trying to get ahead.

Considering that they will be handed the largest debt in history
because of the stupidity of their parents, they will be paying for
that debt for their entire lives.

In reality we have failed them.

The Greatest Generation made it, our generation lost it.


I know HEAPS who are as you describe, ie all the Kiddies I go to trade
school with - and others who are hopeless and will probably never work
in their lives.

I think Gunnerland is composed of the latter...glad I dont live
there..visit sometimes, but dont live there...

Andrew VK3BFA.