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Default Anyone know about Coraloy?

On 4/21/2008 8:05 AM dpb spake thus:

And a puzzle strikes me -- how come the recommender couldn't provide the

Heh; it helps if you look for the product under the correct name.

Today I called the local tile place here and asked about this stuff, as
the recommender told me they carry it. It's *Chloraloy*, made by Noble:

(The "chlor-" is because it's made of chlorinated polyethylene.)

The tile place (Import Tile in Berkeley) also suggested another
waterproofing membrane from Schluter called "Kerdi":

If anyone has had experience with either one of these products, or with
any similar waterproofing membranes, I'd appreciate hearing from you. In
the meantime I'm going back to my recommender with a new set of
questions. (Like what is "fat mud", which is what the tile people
recommended I use with the membrane on vertical surfaces?)

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