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Default Residential Grounding and Surge Suppression

"Jim Redelfs" wrote in message
When my home was built in 1991, I built a grounding array within 4-feet
of the service entrance meter and panel. It consists of three,
5/8-inch, copper-clad, 8-foot ground rods. They are placed in a "goal
post" configuration with the two verticals about 7-feet apart and one
crossing the top of them, perhaps 6-inches below the tops of the rods.
There is probably a 18-inches of earth cover. All components are bonded
together with two, #6 solid copper wires and two make the final run to
the meter box.

Sounds pretty good to me for residential application. Do you use couple of
ground wells and keep it wet? How about connection to a rebar a la Ufer