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Default Residential Grounding and Surge Suppression

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"John Grabowski" wrote:

That has got to be the oddest ground rod configuration
that I have ever heard of

Aw, I'm crushed! :/

Given I consulted NO guide in building my first grounding "array",
I hope that, at least, "more-is-better" is TRUE in this case.

and quite possibly one of the least effective.

Do you believe that the "array" I installed is less effective than the
SINGLE rod and wire that WOULD have been installed by the same, hurried
electrician that neglected to bond the water system to the electric
service or install the water meter jumper in 1991?

For optimum results, eight foot rods should be at
least sixteen feet apart.

Oh, fer pete's sake. I'm not erecting a broadcast tower!

Everything is a gamble. I expended a little, extra time and built what
I thought was (and still think is) better than what WOULD have been
otherwise installed. Now, with my whole-house suppressor and a
presumably properly operating plug bar system, I'm going to sit back and
enjoy my computer system even more. I can further relax knowing that,
finally, my entire home is "protected" from transient, electrical spikes.


The NEC specifies that 8 foot gournd rods are to be spaced 6 feet apart.
Usually two rods are being used now.

"not less than 6 feet apart". There is a footnote that says if the rod is
longer than 8 feet, it would benefit from a greater distance, but doesn't
indicate any improvement with 8 foot rods